You probably have more cars in your garage than you are currently using

Maybe you are looking to sell the other ones off because you don’t like the shape, size and it’s not serving any purpose but most importantly you want some money out of it

What if I tell you that there's a better option to make more cash - steady cash flow.

Have you thought of ever converting that car to a food truck, a van, mobile bank or a black Maria( are you thinking what I’m thinking…).

Just imagine you could convert those vehicles (which of course is possible).

How much do you think you will be making over that food truck in a year

How much comfort will that bring to you?

Imagine the joy of getting a stream of income without you having to actively work.

Turn Your Old Vehicles Into Money-making Machines

Do you have great ideas but you don’t know how to bring it to life?

Do you have a vehicle just sitting in your garage gathering up dust?

It’s time to turn your vehicle into a productive and money making machine.

At first class auto centre; 

-We help convert your cars into trucks

-Convert buses into mobile banks

– We create mobile offices from your vehicle

If you need to convert a vehicle, we got you!

Let us help you convert those ideas you have into mobile realities. Work with us today – not tomorrow, today!

Why First Class Auto Centre?

Most people when considering conversion always have sleepless nights.

You have probably thought of the cost, the safety and the expertise level of the people working on the car.

The worst fears of most people is that a mechanic will work on the car and eventually damage the vehicle and won’t properly carry out the conversion. 

We understand that, that’s why at First Class Auto Centre:

– The safety of the conversion is first accessed

– We take into considerations all the risk involved

– Then your vehicle is worked on by a specialist to give you your perfect conversion.

Let us help you convert those ideas you have into mobile realities – there will certainly be a smile on your face at the end. 

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